The Dating Game (Link)

When Axios decided to write a story about the gamification of dating I figured a game that’s basically impossible to win would be the perfect way to visualize it. Play the Game!

Role: Concept & Design; Client: Axios
Development: Harry Stevens

The Pandemic Has Benefited One Group Of People, Billionaires: As part of a Verizon Media XR training program I vizualized in 3D how much money Jeff Bezos had made during the first six months of the pandemic compared to the average American. Read the story and view the visualization.   
Concept, Design & Development - HuffPost

Where 2020 Dems Stand On 15 Key Issue: The 2020 Democratic primary field was the largest ever, featuring candidates that are jockeying for position to win over an increasingly divided left. We wanted to create an easy way to compare where candidates stood on key issues facing the country.
Concept, Research & Design - Axios

Rebecca Zisser 2023